THE official trade show journal for IDS 2023.

As has been shown over the years, the IDS-JOURNAL (the official trade show journal) is one of the most important sources of information at IDS, and has been positively received by visitors and exhibitors alike.

The IDS-JOURNAL offers readers a comprehensive overview of the IDS itself, the current state of the dental world, innovations as well as events during the IDS on approx. 200 pages and is distributed daily to IDS visitors in the exhibition halls (INDOOR distribution) as the only publication with more than 5,000 copies.

As in previous years, the IDS JOURNAL will also be divided in 2023 – for the anniversary IDS – into the proven sections „individual exhibitor program in keywords“, „product and manufacturer directory“ and „IDS innovations“, among others, and will have the official hall plan licensed by the organizer.

In particular, the sections „individual exhibitor program“ and the „product and manufacturer directory“ offer the reader an overview of IDS itself and the current state of the dental world, even far beyond IDS. The processed address material gives interested parties the opportunity to contact the advertisers – unique in this form!

Take the opportunity to present your company in this interesting environment and book your advertisement in the IDS-JOURNAL!

You can book an advertisement and / or an entry in the product and manufacturer directory. To do so, click on one of the both buttons.

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